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Tierless Web programming in ML
Gabriel Radanne
PhD Thesis - 2017
(thesis) (slides)

Eliom: A Core ML Language for Tierless Web Programming
Gabriel Radanne - Jérôme Vouillon - Vincent Balat
APLAS - 2016
(author version) (slides)

Eliom: Tierless Web programming from the ground up
Gabriel Radanne - Vasilis Papavasileiou - Vincent Balat - Jérôme Vouillon
IFL - 2016
(abstract) (author version) (slides)

Tierless modules
Gabriel Radanne - Jérôme Vouillon
(author version)

Tierless Web Programming in the Large
Gabriel Radanne - Jérôme Vouillon
The Web conference - Web programming track - 2018
(author version) (web version)

Regular Expressions

Regenerate: A Language Generator for Extended Regular Expressions
Gabriel Radanne, Peter Thiemann
GPCE 2018
(author version)

Tyre : Typed Regular Expressions
Gabriel Radanne
OCaml Workshop 2017
(abstract OCaml workshop) (slides OCaml Users in Paris)
PEPM - 2019
(author version)

Previous work

Synthesis of ranking functions using extremal counterexamples
Laure Gonnord - David Monniaux - Gabriel Radanne
PLDI - 2015
(website) (author version) (slides)

Effective quotation: relating approaches to language-integrated query
James Cheney - Sam Lindley - Gabriel Radanne - Philip Wadler
PEPM - 2014


A sequent-calculus presentation of type-theory
Gabriel Radanne - Under the supervision of Jean-Philippe Bernardy
Unpublished - 2014
(report) (slides)