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Compiling pattern matching to in-place modifications
Paul Iannetta - Laure Gonnord - Gabriel Radanne
GPCE 2021
author version

Parallelizing Structural Transformations on Tarbres
Paul Iannetta - Laure Gonnord - Gabriel Radanne
autho version

Isomorphisms are back!: Smart indexing for function retrieval by unification modulo type isomorphisms
Clément Allain - Gabriel Radanne - Laure Gonnord
ML 2021
author version


High-level error messages for modules through diffing
Florian Angeletti - Gabriel Radanne
ML 2020

The final pieces of the OCaml documentation puzzle
Jonathan Ludlam - Gabriel Radanne - Leo White
OCaml 2020

Linear types

Kindly Bent to Free Us
Gabriel Radanne - Hannes Saffrich - Peter Thiemann
ICFP 2020
(author version) (slides) (video)

Eliom / Web programming

Tierless Web programming in ML
Gabriel Radanne
PhD Thesis - 2017
(thesis) (slides)

Eliom: A Core ML Language for Tierless Web Programming
Gabriel Radanne - Jérôme Vouillon - Vincent Balat
APLAS - 2016
(author version) (slides)

Eliom: Tierless Web programming from the ground up
Gabriel Radanne - Vasilis Papavasileiou - Vincent Balat - Jérôme Vouillon
IFL - 2016
(abstract) (author version) (slides)

Tierless modules
Gabriel Radanne - Jérôme Vouillon
Unpublished - 2018
(author version)

Tierless Web Programming in the Large
Gabriel Radanne - Jérôme Vouillon
The Web conference - Web programming track - 2018
(author version) (web version)

Regular Expressions

Regenerate: A Language Generator for Extended Regular Expressions
Gabriel Radanne, Peter Thiemann
GPCE 2018
(author version)

Typed parsing and unparsing for untyped regular expression engines
Gabriel Radanne
PEPM - 2019
(author version)

Previous work

Programming Unikernels in the Large via Functor Driven Development
Gabriel Radanne, Anil Madhavapeddy, Jeremy Yallop, Thomas Gazagnaire, Richard Mortier, Hannes Mehnert, Mindy Preston, David Scott
Unpublished -- 2017
(author version)

Synthesis of ranking functions using extremal counterexamples
Laure Gonnord - David Monniaux - Gabriel Radanne
PLDI - 2015
(website) (author version) (slides)

Effective quotation: relating approaches to language-integrated query
James Cheney - Sam Lindley - Gabriel Radanne - Philip Wadler
PEPM - 2014

A sequent-calculus presentation of type-theory
Gabriel Radanne - Under the supervision of Jean-Philippe Bernardy
Unpublished - 2014
(report) (slides)